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25 April 2013

Bank of Baku iPhone Application

JIS created Bank of Baku iPhone application that allowed easy access to the information on the Bank's new campaigns, exchange rates and other information.

 Application made it possible to apply online for a loan or a deposit, to calculate payments and profit, to locate the nearest branch, ATM or Cash In using the map. Moreover, with the "Call back" feature it is now possible to leave contacts and Bank staff will contact client on assigned time.

{"en":"Navigation page of the application", "az": "Baş səhifə", "ru", "Навигационная страница"}

{"en":"Currency Exchange page", "az": "Valyuta məzənnələri", "ru", "Страница обмена валют"}

{"en":"Credit Calculation page", "az": "Kredit kalkulyatoru", "ru", "Страница вычисления кредитных выплат"}

{"en":"Deposit Interest Calculation page", "az": "Əmanət kalkulyatoru", "ru", "Страница вычисления депозитной прибыли"}

{"en":"ATM and Paypoint locations page", "az": "Ödəniş terminalları və bankomatlar səhifəsi", "ru", "Страница поиска местонахождения банкоматов и терминалов оплат"}

{"en":"Bank Offices location page", "az": "Bank filialları səhifəsi", "ru", "Страница местонахождения и адресов филиалов банка"}

{"en":"Information page", "az": "Məlumat səhifəsi", "ru", "Страница информации"}

15 April 2013

Friend brings friend advertising campaign for Bank of Baku


30 April 2013

Deposit Club advertising campaign for Bank of Baku


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