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27 February 2009

Calendar 2009 for R.I.S.K. company

RISK company provides solutions on IT consultancy, system integration, IT-outsourcing, application development and geographical information systems.

Our goal was to create the calendar, informing about GIS(system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of  geographical data).

We created the calendar, which shows one or another area of Azerbaijan, captured by the GIS system, on each page.

24 February 2009

Calendar 2009 for BP Azerbaijan


03 March 2009

Design of ''Azerbaijan in Global Politics Crafting Foreign Policy'' book


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29 December 2011

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19 September 2012

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28 March 2012

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21 February 2012

T-shirts from the series of "Faces"

24 May 2012

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