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21 January 2015

Communication ad for joint project of Nar Mobile and Ali&Nino

NAR Mobile and Ali&Nino bookstore chain launched joint ad campaign. The Bottom line comes with the diea, that by connecting to a specific Internet tariff we get ca discount up to 40% on any book.

Our goal was to create ad communication informing about that campaign.

We decided to use the concept “Ürəklə al! Çox oxu!”  and attract attention to this promo.

We used images of world famous authors, Nizami Ganjavi, William Shakespeare, Mirza Alakbar Sabir, Anton Chekhov and Leo Tolstoy, in unusual format. Thus,  encouraging people to read more on beneficial conditions.

21 January 2015

Digital campaign in social media for Nar Mobile


20 February 2015

Web site for


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