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30 October 2006

Event concept creation of farewell party for ex-president of BP Azerbaijan

Our goal was to create the concept of farewell party for ex-president of BP Azerbaijan David Woodward.

We decided to show the will of more than two thousand workers to sayt "thank you" to David Woodward for their work together.

That's why we  upholstered walls of the hall with white linen, put smartbordy, on which it was possible to write wishes and connected them to big projectors displayed on the walls. In the real time workers were writing their thankful words and it was very touching.

22 October 2006

«Biodiversity» brand creation for BP Azerbaijan


02 November 2006

Invitation to the 5th biodiversity awards


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17 July 2006

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02 October 2014

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10 December 2006

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25 February 2014

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15 November 2007

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