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15 February 2013

Favorite brands with Bolkart advertising campaign

Bank of Baku decided to repeat the success of the 2011 year and give second wind to Bolkart - no-interest credit card for the purchase of goods and services - uniting more than 500 brands under one umbrella.

We launched Bolkart brand back to 2011, and now we had a task to revive it.

JIS conducted the survey on the market and identified the desire of the target audience to have access to more brand stores by using Bolkart. Based on this, we announced the new communication strategy - 'Favourite brands with Bolkart'.

We promoted this idea through the different advertising channels: billboards, banners, bus stickers, ads in cinemas and in Youtube, radiospots and TV band ads, as well as social media advertising with Bolkart styling and character.

Promo-video of the campaign.

Advertising on the radio; spot 1.

Advertising on the radio; spot 2.

{"en":"Layout of the campaign billboard. ", "az": "Kampaniya bilbordun maketi. ", "ru", "Макет билборда кампании."}

{"en":"Booklets distributed in the shops and shopping centers. ", "az": "Alış-veriş mərkəzlərində alıcılara paylanılan bukletler. ", "ru", "Рекламные буклеты, распространенные в торговых центрах."}

{"en":"Layout of the campaign advertising on the city cabs.", "az": "Kampaniyanın taksi üzərində olan reklamının maketi.", "ru", "Реклама кампании на кэбах города."}

10 February 2013

February 2013 edition of "Compass" magazine for BP Azerbaijan


20 February 2013

Fan Kredit advertising campaign for Bank of Baku


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