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15 April 2013

Friend brings friend advertising campaign for Bank of Baku

New campaign of BOB will allow customers to apply for a credit by being recommended by Dostlar Klubu members. We had the task to create colorful and clear advertising communication for the campaign.

We tried to think how would a person recommended by  a noble member of a elite club feel. He would feel like a king, being in  control of situation. We decided to use this as the main idea for the ad: billboard starring a winner-smile young man in the crown we completed with the slogan - Make your friend get a credit with your recommendation. We developed application for the social network.

Billboard pf the campaign

Cover page of the application

On this page it is possible to upload the photo

This page offers crown choices and edition options

Resulted photos could be shared in the network or saved on the computer

21 March 2013

Novruz Card for AzerCosmos company


25 April 2013

Bank of Baku iPhone Application


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