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11 March 2015

Logotype and Brand Identity for Jeff & Co.

We were requested to create a logo and corporate style for a new coffee house. 

Our research has shown that a major factor that people would like to see and feel in such places is convenience.

We have tried to show the convenience in a character named Jeff who combines pure friendship, warmth and trust.

Jeff likes to bake; his family was from France and had moved to America long before his birth.

Baking has always been his family’s favorite pastime. They carefully keep and constantly increase the amount of the recipes of the tasty pastries.

Jeff has many friends who always come to him for some coffee and hot rolls. This was the beginning of the idea for creation of the place for true friendship.

Besides the name, we have developed the logo and corporate style for "Jeff Co".

10 March 2015

"Manatla" Advertising campaign for Expressbank


31 March 2015

March 2015 edition of "Compass" magazine for BP Azerbaijan


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