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11 September 2012

Money come back campaign from Bank of Baku

Our task was to promote autumn campaign during which Interest on the credits taken was given back at the end of credit period. 

We came up with the catchy slogan paraphrased from the well-known song, created outdoor advertising and social media game. Game was played more 6000 times.  Every end of the week winner of the game was receiving free tickets to the concert  J Lo.

{"en":"Billboard of the campaign.", "az": "Kampaniyanın bilbordu.", "ru", "Билборд кампании."}

{"en":"Online game in the SMM: Introduction and rules.", "az": "Sosial şəbəkədə oyun: ön səhifə, Qaydalar.", "ru", "Онлайн игра в социальной сети: Правила."}

{"en":"Online game in the SMM: Menu page.", "az": "Sosial şəbəkədə oyun: Əsas səhifə.", "ru", "Онлайн игра в социальной сети: Главное меню."}

{"en":"Online game in the SMM: Shoot the birds, gain points.", "az": "Sosial şəbəkədə oyun: Quşları vur, xal topla.", "ru", "Онлайн игра в социальной сети: Попади в птичку, набери баллы."}

{"en":"Online game in the SMM: Game Over page.", "az": "Sosial şəbəkədə oyun: Oyun Bitdi səhifəsi.", "ru", "Онлайн игра в социальной сети: Конец Игры."}

{"en":"Online game in the SMM: Rating of the game.", "az": "Sosial şəbəkədə oyun: Oyunun reytinqi səhifəsi.", "ru", "Онлайн игра в социальной сети: Рейтинг игры."}

09 September 2012

Website for C'est bon company


17 September 2012

Website for Rabitabank


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