Projects for Kapital Bank

Kapital Bank, the largest financial institution in Azerbaijan, proudly serves over 5 million individuals and more than 22,000 legal entities. Our collaborative journey with Kapital Bank began in 2009 with a communication project. However, it was after a significant rebranding in 2015 that we embarked on several impactful and substantial projects together. Among our notable achievements was the development of a new website for Kapital Bank. Our objective was to create a modern and user-friendly website that catered to the needs of the bank and its customers.


Additionally, we executed an advertising campaign promoting Kapital Bank's new credit offerings for Toyota and Volkswagen cars, in collaboration with authorized dealers of these brands in Azerbaijan. This campaign focused on car loans.


Another project of significance was the New Year advertising campaign, aimed at stimulating Kapital Bank's creditors. Titled "Hər kreditin hədiyyəsi var" (Every loan has a gift), the campaign featured images of gifts as Christmas tree decorations, capturing the festive spirit. The campaign encompassed a video and New Year-themed banners. One of our largest and most triumphant projects for Kapital bank was the branding and advertising campaign for 1 Kart.

Over the years, our strong bond with Kapital Bank has led to the creation of remarkable projects, including greeting cards, brochures, and captivating social media posts.


Our commitment to providing exceptional work has reinforced our longstanding partnership with Kapital Bank, resulting in a fruitful collaboration that consistently delivers impressive results.

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