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Branding and Advertising Campaign for 1 Kart

Kapital Bank requested us to develop a design and advertising campaign for the first and unique plastic card that combines all the functions of other various plastic cards.

Our goal was to show uniqueness and functions of the card in the design and advertising campaign.

Its main feature is that it has a function of salary payment along with functions of a pension, credit, deposit, and debit card. This feature has helped us to choose its name.  It has been called "1 kart" (“the only card”). The name of the card symbolizesits primacy and uniqueness in the market.

All its images and inscriptions are vertical unlike all plastic cards in Azerbaijan. In that way we once again emphasized the uniqueness of the card.

The design of the card is quite simple: the figure “1” on the patterned corporate background. The corporate style of KapitalBank was used in the design. You can see this style in every element. 

Uniqueness. To explain this concept, there is such a beautiful expression as “Səndən 1 dənədir" (“you are the only one”). And we have suggested this expression as the slogan of the card. Before entering the market, we conducted its teaser campaign. For this purpose, we have developed outdoor advertising and an entertainment platform for social networks under the slogan “Səndən 1 dənədir”.



In a short time, the teaser campaign aroused interest in the card among hundreds of thousands of people. In social networks, certificates of  “Səndən 1 dənədir” gave joy and fun to many people.

Later, Kapital Bank presented the “1kart” to the public.


The presentation was supported by the website, outdoor advertising, print products, social media and TV commercials, prepared by us. Thus, the card "1kart" started to work, to bring convenience and uniqueness to millions of clients of Kapital Bank.