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Communication Strategy for Access Bank's "OK" card

Access Bank is one of the leading banks in Azerbaijan, supporting the development of small businesses and financial inclusion of the population of this country. 

Due to the fact that the bank decided to expand its private banking portfolio, our main task was to develop a communication plan and strategy, the name and concept of an advertising campaign for the new Access bank bank card.

We did some research and based on the customer profile, we focused on the words "Insurance" and "Benefits". Based on this, the tone of the communication of the campaign and the map itself is 60-70% friendly.

Taking into account competitors in the market and customers' understanding of credit cards, products and their perception of Access Bank, we decided that the archetype of the new card should be Everyman, Sage and Caregiver.


Based on this research, we have developed a name for the product - “Ok card”. The most important features of this card are accessibility to everyone. According to this we see that everyone can easily get this card, with any salary, even the minimum one. The name “Ok” makes it clear that any customer’s request will receive a confirmation.

In addition, we have developed a teaser for this campaign with the slogan “OK? OK!". After the launch of the product, the main message was "add OK to your life."

We have also developed other supportive messages for the campaign, such as “loan ok!”, “ok, card even for minimum wage”, etc.

Since we repeat the word “Ok” in our communication, we have chosen the main character of this advertising campaign to be a Parrot. This unique and bright bird attracts people to the idea of concept and is a very eye-catching representative of “Ok” card.