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Wake me - don't wake me

17 January 2017

    While you are sleeping during mealtime a stewardess can use the “Wake-Don’t Wake” sign on your sleep mask and understand whether you want to be waken up or not. 

    Many people prefer to sleep the whole time they are on the plane during long flights. But in some situations stewardesses wake you up during mealtime to offer you food even if you don’t want to be waked up. Or in other cases, you may want to be waked up during mealtime, but stewardesses don’t. In order to solve this problem we suggest using a two-sided sleep mask. One side of the mask has a sign that indicates that you want to be waked up during mealtime. The other side informs that you don’t want to be waked up. This way the stewardess knows whether she should wake you up during mealtime.