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Jeykhun Imanov Studio | What we do

Web products

By developing hundreds of websites representing various sectors of the economy, including 90% of banks, insurance companies, all shopping malls and the airport, we have made significant contributions to the web infrastructure and customer experience in Azerbaijan.

Mobile App

Our apps make life easier for thousands of users. These are online payment systems, loyalty programs, mobile insurance, etc.


    We develop online stores and marketplaces from scratch to profit. Every day, our online stores sell thousands of products and serve hundreds of thousands of users. They have become part of our daily life. We buy phones from Irshad Electronics, Sisley and Benetton clothes from MyBrands, food from, jewelry from Resm and pay bills at E-pul.


      Our studio is the author of hundreds of brands in 6 countries which you come across every day. In Azerbaijan, these are the half of the financial market installment cards Bolkart and Birkart, being created from scratch; the logotype of Shusha; the symbol of the Azerbaijani manat; corporate brands Rabita Bank, Teleport, AzerCosmos and BP Azerbaijan; сorporate style for Mugan Bank; as well as multiple design projects and branding for Risk. In Kazakhstan it’s rebranding of Kommesk and Centras holdings. In the USA - Sumnotes.


      We design everything…almost. Our offer includes art direction and graphic design for logotypes, brochures, annual reports, calendars, magazines, vehicles, t-shirts, and video. We also do ambient design for exhibition stands, urban facilities, interiors and exteriors, as well as industrial and packaging design. Corporate design (brochures, annual reports, layouting, calendars, magazines, vehicles, motion design, animation, posters, plastic cards, uniform, leaflets, events)


      The development of our advertising campaigns starts with setting goals and ends with a performance analysis. Our portfolio includes advertising campaigns for Birkart, Bolkart, Kapital Bank, Express Bank, Nar Mobile, Norm Cement and Technol.

      Digital Marketing

      Using various technologies, we develop brand communications and increase sales. The list of companies we conducted digital marketing for includes E-pul and Novco brands which have more than a hundred thousand users.

      Main tools of digital marketing in our company are Search engine optimization (SEO), Search Ads (PPC)​Social Media Ads (SMM) and Display Ads