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Search Engine Optimization (SEO services)

Our team takes not a single action but complex decision to increase website's positions in results given by search systems according to requests relating to your organization’s activity, no matter if it is a good or a service. Our task is to analyze your users and their search habits for them to find you easily and quickly.

SEO services cover 2 main work stages: Technical and Search engine optimization.

To assess the effectiveness of the work done, we provide our customers with a weekly report where they can find keywords and their positions in the search.

The effectiveness of SEO work can be estimated about 3 or more months after the completion of optimization. Since, search robots get acquainted with the website within a few weeks. And only after analyzing certain pages it starts displaying in search results.

Work process

Offer preparation
Creating an action plan
Contractual agreement

Seo Work stages

  • 1

    Analysis of the market and competitors

  • 2

    Technical audit

  • 3

    Code optimization

  • 4

    Speed up site loading

  • 5

    Creating a semantic core

  • 6

    Meta-tags optimization

  • 7

    UX/UI optimization

  • 8

    External Optimization

  • 9

    Internal link building

Seo Work results

  • 1

    SEO helps to gain and maintain good positions in search results

  • 2

    SEO boosts audience trust

  • 3

    SEO attracts targeted traffic

  • 4

    SEO saves advertising budgets





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Suitable for promoting landing page and local campaigns.


Suitable for promoting service sites and small online stores


Suitable for promoting large online stores and information portals