Book "Insights"

December 29, 2020

Jeyhun Imanov and his friend Denis Batalin traveled over 20 countries and collected hundreds of insights in one book.

Jeykhun Imanov is an expert in design and branding, entrepreneur, creative director and founder of the Jeykhun Imanov Studio. He is creator of more than 1000 projects in advertising communication, web and graphic design, as well as juror in a number of competitions, author of numerous speeches on marketing, branding and design.

Denis Batalin is an expert in development and monetizing of internet projects, entrepreneur, business trainer and traveler. He is co-owner of the ADCONSULT consultancy company, founder of the interactive communications company BATALINE and author of more than 500 works in the field of advertising communications, education and research projects.

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"Insight is an illumination, an understanding, a rethinking.

I love capturing insights. They make our brain dig deeper and enrich and improve our life. It’s very rarely that I have regretted an insight. They always help us grow and they make us better. They are always individual: while looking at the same things and listening to the same things, we can capture very different insights.

New insights appear when we face a new personal experience that surprises us. Very often it comes from new people, new places, architecture, objects, thoughts, inscriptions, sounds, processes and behaviour. Behind each one of these, there are ideas that inspire us to find new ideas.

In this book we have gathered many insights and ideas that were behind them from our travels through life. When we share them with each other, we create new insights and ideas that are sometimes even deeper and more personal.

I wish you to have new insights!"

Jeykhun Imanov, JIS


"Insight! is a book about the pure joy of life. The joy of asking questions to yourself, to people around you, to accidental and planned events, to objects and phenomena...

The whole world is in the focus of this book, and the main tool of creating it was curiosity.

The ability to see is more valuable for the authors then the opportunity to observe. That is why Insight! is a book of questions, no matter how many answers you might find on its pages."

Denis Bataline, ADCONSULT

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