Branding for Vitanizer antiseptic

August 10, 2020

Jeykhun Imanov Studio has designed logo and label for Vitanizer antiseptic.

Having researched the market, we came up with a beautiful sounding name "Vitanizer". It conveys a sense of benefit and necessity, especially in quarantine time.

After, we started to design the logotype and the label itself. To highlight the purity and freshness of the product, we made the label transparent. The hands with droplets allow you to understand the purpose of the product without reading the text. To make it easier for customers to distinguish tastes, we depicted fruits on them. We placed the logotype of the World Health Organization on the bottom of the label, adding a sense of confidence to the product as it has been tested and approved by the world organization.For the logotype, we chose a strict and confident bold dark blue font.

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