Logo for 10th Anniversary of Araz Supermarket

Araz supermarket chain serves its customers in 145 stores all over Azerbaijan.

The task was to create a symbol dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the "Araz" supermarket. We should have emphasized sustainable development of the company and good customer service over the years.


We connected “10” with an infinity symbol and national elements. Geometric shapes convey a sense of simplicity, modesty and cheerfulness. The zero smoothly flows into the sign of infinity. The infinity sign speaks of the company's sustainable development and its long-term plans.

The network of national elements shows that Araz supermarket has a wide chain of stores and that over the years Araz has become a national brand. Green and orange are the company's corporate colors. They create an impression of freshness and sincerity.


The jubilee symbol was presented to the customer for use on various media. The symbol is relatively larger than the logo, which emphasizes the significance of the event.


A truck, like packaging, is an element that a brand often encounters with customers. The symbol plays an important role in attracting more customers.

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