New Website for Irshad

In 2019, we have successfully developed one of the largest online stores in Azerbaijan -

That is why when the client added new functions and services to the Irshad chain of stores and planned the same changes in the site's functionality, he turned to Jeykhun Imanov Studio.

We have redesigned and adapted the architecture of the website and added new features that could replace the user's shopping trip to the store and make it much easier for them to use the online store.

On the main page of the site, users can get acquainted with the most popular products, new arrivals, as well as take advantage of the " Offer of the Week" campaign.

We have made some changes to the design of the website and the layout of some buttons and sections, making it even easier to use.

In addition to simplifying online shopping for users, we have created an opportunity for them to purchase products on credit and pay for them on the site, check the status of their equipment being repaired in a store, read comments from other users and receive detailed information about the products, and many other functions.

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